Theatre West and George Tovar's Late Night Magic Present
Sylvester The Jester, A Real Live Cartoon

March 3 - March 25, 2006

Fridays and Saturdays at 11:15 p.m.

Tickets $12

Call (323) 851-7977
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Press Release


For six years now, longtime Theatre West member and Magic Castle magician George Tovar has produced anannual show, "Millennium Magic," that has proved to be an enduringly popular attraction with Theatre West audiences. Mr. Tovar would present several shows featuring several different rosters of his colleagues, the gifted illusionists from the Magic Castle and elsewhere.

Recently, Theatre West ventured into late-night entertainment, with line-ups of comedians and the show "The Twilight Zone: Live on Stage" (projected to return with new stories in late spring). Now, a new series of entertainments for night owls is inaugurated: Late Night Magic, as Theatre West and George Tovar present the finest names currently working in contemporary magic and illusion for the stage. The first of these names is Dan Sylvester or, as he prefers to be known, Sylvester the Jester: A Real Live Cartoon.

Sylvester's magic is surreal, defying the boundaries of three-dimensional reality. As A Real Live Cartoon, he is able to make his eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, head, arms morph into physically impossible shapes, distended and distorted into ways one would only see in a cartoon. Like a cartoon, he is clownish and funny. It's not surprising to find among his influences the late Tex Avery, MGM and Warner Bros. cartoonist and creator of Droopy Dog, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and more.

Sylvester has performed in countries around the world, as well as American venues here (Magic Castle, Key Club, Ice House, more) and elsewhere (Vegas' MGM Grand, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Reno's Flamingo Hilton, more). Just a few of his numerous TV appearances include "World's Wildest Magic" (NBC), "Undercover Magic" (BBC), "Champions of Magic II" (NBC), "Just for Laffs" (Comedy Central), "Sabado Gigante" (Telemundo), much more.

The prize-winning performer received "The Golden Wand" from Princess Stephanie of Monaco as well as the "Junior Jury's Grand Prix" (Kids' Choice) at Monte Carlo; The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Gold Medal Champion Award; Festival Favorite Award from XV Festival International del Humor (Bogota, Colombia); 12 nominations from the Academy of Magical Arts; and more. This is your opportunity to see a truly world-class magician, creating illusions unlike any you'd see anywhere else. Put aside any preconception you have about magic shows. Sylvester The Jester: A Real Live Cartoon is genuinely unique.