Sunday Reading Series
by Isaac Babel

May 15th - 7pm

Play Reading
One Night Only
Free Admission

Don Moore, Seemah Wilder, Paul Gunning, Yancey Dunham, Bridget Hanley, Marvin Kaplan, Daniel Keough, Neil Elliot, Leonard Ross, Walter Beery, Nan Tepper, Kristin Wiegand, Brian O’Halloran, Kathie Barnes, Bruce Liberty, Roger Cruz, David P. Johnson, Sandra Tucker, Ayn Vaughn, and Malachi Throne

Produced and Directed by Malachi Throne
Associate Producer: Nan Tepper
Sunday Reading Series Producer: Sandra Tucker
Sound Design: Bill Froggatt
Theatre West Executive Director: John Gallogly

In “Sunset” (1927), two young men take action to foil the plans of their father, who has clandestinely planned to sell off the family hauling business and spend the proceeds on his young pregnant mistress. Fists will fly, blood will flow, but crimes against the family will not go unpunished and things will be made right in the end.

Isaac Babel (1891-1940), considered one of the most important European writers of his era, based the play on his popular Odessa Stories, set in the Moldavanka, the Jewish section of Odessa, Russia, where Babel was born. A short story writer, essayist, playwright and screenwriter, many of Babel’s stories contained social critique. Stalin considered Babel an enemy of the State, and had him tortured and executed in 1940.

Malachi Throne directs a cast that includes